2/24/20232 min read

WILD HEART is born in the nautical market on an itinerant basis, providing customers with a unique boat lifestyle experience. We separate some facts and curiosities for you to know our company better...

WILD HEART is made of details!

The name WILD HEART (in Portuguese "Coração Selvagem") was inspired by a Brazilian song, written in 1978 by the artist Belchior. The song talks about freedom and deep love in living one's own dreams - the fury of existence, the anguish of routine and everything that is pre-imposed on us by society. The important thing in life is to collect good memories and constructive experiences, and to feel pleasure in doing everything that is allowed to us. In short: live intensely. 

What to do when you don't fit in your own life, in your own body, in your own soul or in your own song? The author seems to be made of endless searches. He wants to live his dreams, adventures, experience his freedom, together with this other person so important and that he loves so much. He wants intensity in life and love. Getting lost in the world was the only way to find yourself.

What inspired us to choose the name

We are working on our own capsule collection, 100% handmade, with a line of exclusive products. Our products are made with raw materials extracted from nature itself, such as wood, seeds, leather and stones, in addition to recycled materials, such as our ecological tags made from seed paper and our bags produced with fishing nets and plastics that were discarded at sea.

Our products are designed for travelers, sailors and nature lovers, with sports, beachwear, utility and decorative items. Everything is created with great care and attention, so you get to live a complete and differentiated experience. Aiming the reduction of garbage’s impact on nature. You can plant our seed paper tag, helping contribute to the environment. The seed tags we sent are vegetables such as watercress and arugula, and spices such as pepper and basil.

Why a Blue Whale?

Our symbol is represented by the blue whale - itinerant, as well as our project - the blue whale is the largest animal on the planet and has migratory habits, and can be found in all oceans.

The power of the collective!

Everything made with love BLOOMS! So, why not bloom together? We believe in the power of collaborative culture... we are open to many ways of collaboration – including artistic creation and production, events, adventure activities, outreach (creator/influencers), awareness and sustainable support. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us.