January 30, 1991
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

A multifaceted freelancer photographer and seafarer. Started working with photography in 2012, a passion that started in childhood. A self-taught and a nomad person, she saw in photography a possibility to unite everything she loves most: traveling, writing, getting to know new landscapes, people, and cultures; holding workshops, mentoring and content creation jobs.

Jéssica has experience in marketing and advertising, screenwriting, directing and editing, casting production and cultural projects. Her authorial work goes from self-portraits and artistic nudes to feminists causes such as female empowerment.

She started in 2015 the project Nūdus et Crūdus in southern Italy - a series of minimalist photographs in favor of body freedom. In 2018, she created the Welcome to Rome and Tropicália project and currently runs Wild Heart - an itinerant lifestyle company of boat experience.

"Photography is the poetry of immobility: it is through photography that the moments are seen as they are." - Peter Urmenyi.